Suzette Franck (SMCI)
My Mom - Bernadette Franck 1950-2014 Echo Dot Suzette's Speakerdeck USB Fan Clock Suzette Cactus Lamp Watermelon Shawl Lizzie Kitty Fimo Pencil Holder Panda Statue MacBook Air 13" Old Dell Monitor External Camera Glasses

Echo Dot

“Alexa, beatbox for me”

Suzette Cactus Lamp

I decorated this lamp for my vendor table of crocheted cactus at the Mar Vista Art Walk in 2018.

Watermelon Shawl

I did not intend for this to be a watermelon shawl, I just like pink and lime. One of my many crochet pieces.

Lizzie Kitty

Lizzie insists on sitting next to my computer so I put down one of my crochet pieces for her to lay on. She has been known to send coworkers slacks reading “]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]”.

Fimo Pencil Holder

I made this as a child using Millefiori technique and fimo bake clay canes over a plain drinking glass.

Panda Statue

I got this panda and teddy statue from Charlie Brown Farms in Pearblossom. One of my favorite places!

MacBook Air 13″

Old Dell Monitor

An old Dell Monitor is better than no monitor. 🙂

External Camera

For Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls.


So I can see all the data!