Anthony Burchell (WP Engine)
Modular Synthesizer - detailed view in link Alienware 13" R3 laptop 16" Macbook Pro Local for dev environments EZQuest 8in1 adapter - HDMI, USB C, 3x USB 3.0, SD Reader, MicroSD reader, Ethernet all in a single usb-c connection Zowie XL LCD Display 27" iPad Pro 11" Ikea Frekvens Speaker Apple Magic Keyboard ThinkVision Monitor - Standard Issue Racing Chair Quantum 2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface Logitech G903 and powerplay pad Elektron Octatrack Drum Machine/Sampler Bose QC35II

Alienware 13″ R3 laptop

I use this for gaming, VR/3D development, streaming, music making, you name it! It has a GTX 1060m card, 16gb of RAM, and an i7 processor. In a lot of ways I like it more than my Macbook! It has a really pretty touchscreen OLED and at 13″ is one of my favorite computers to travel with.

16″ Macbook Pro

I want to say nice things about it, but this machine has been pretty lacking in luster. My last Macbook was from 2014 and the experience is really no different from then. I managed to skip the no escape key years of Macbooks by switching to Linux/Windows as my primary OS and recently got this machine to handle iOS and web dev projects. It’s pretty much used exclusively for those purposes. I’d venture to say my Windows machine on the left outperforms it at a third the cost and mostly upgradable. 😬
2.3 i9
16gb RAM
4gb Radeon 5500m

Local for dev environments

Love Local. This is almost always open serving a local site.

Zowie XL LCD Display 27″

Love this display. Super fast, super clear.

iPad Pro 11″

Note taking, blog writing, designing, coding, browsing. I use the iPad a TON in my day to day.

Ikea Frekvens Speaker

super cool collaboration between one of my favorite synthesizer companies and Ikea.

Apple Magic Keyboard

I like the feel of Apple’s keyboards. The older generation of magic keyboard is probably my favorite but this one works very well also. 🙂

ThinkVision Monitor – Standard Issue

I got this from work as a second monitor for wfh. It’s nice. Nothing really to call out about it other than it usually is where I put zoom meetings.

Racing Chair

I know nothing about this chair other than it was on clearance at an office supply store and it is exactly the form I like in a computer chair.

Quantum 2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

The greatest interface I’ve ever used. Can handle less than 2ms latency on some intense audio situations. The modular synthesizer and all audio and midi signals are processed or sent from this device. It’s really really nice.

Also, hidden behind the Laptop screen is a second Saffire Audio Interface that handles my audio to twitch/youtube streams or speakers. I like to have two interfaces in my systems. 🙂

Logitech G903 and powerplay pad

Great mouse. Charging pad makes sure I never have to fumble with usb cables or batteries ever again 😀

Elektron Octatrack Drum Machine/Sampler

I use this device to perform music. It has travelled all over the world making noise on loud speakers! 😀

Bose QC35II